42 Senior Military Staff Officers Awarded Service

Niwandinda Daniel
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The African Union Mission in Somalia has awarded service medals to 42 senior military staff officers serving within the AMISOM Force Headquarters in Mogadishu.
The officers from 10 African countries were honored in recognition of their contribution towards peace and stability in Somalia.

Senior UPDF Officers serving under the African Union Mission in Somalia are among those from Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Burundi, Ghana, Eswatini, Ethiopia and Zambiathat wererecognized for their dedicated efforts at the peace mission in Somalia.
AMISOM Force Commander Lieutenant General TigabuYilma,decorated the officers with African Union medals of service during a parade held at Base Camp Mogadishu.
The Commander praised the staff officers for their combat efforts in the fight against the Al-Shabaab.

The Force Commander was joined in the decoration exercise by his Deputy,In-charge of Operations and Planning, Major General NakibusLakara, who acknowledged the supportive role by the staff in helping AMISOM achieve its mandate of peace and security in Somalia.

Following his decoration, AMISOM Chief Military Personnel and Administration Officer, Colonel Mohamed SadiqueFofanah from the Sierra Leone military, said receiving a service medal for taking part in the peace-building process of another country meant a lot to him as someone from a country that was ravaged by war for 11 years.

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