We are farhood Media – A premier, international company – focused on delivering Music, Entertainment & Events

At farhood Media, we are committed to artistry, innovation, and consistency. Founded by Dj Dan Starboy over a decade ago, farhood Media has maintained high quality and high standards in all productions. Dj Dan Starboy is a pioneer and innovator who was the market leader in delivering music online in a developing country. It is the same innovation that still drives farhood Media in a global quest of spreading music without boundaries.

We pride ourselves in participating in an array of segments – special event performances, corporate event bookings, tv program production, and audiovisual content. We currenly operate in 5 continents – Africa, Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Farhood Media will soon be headed to Antarctica and South America to complete its mission to deliver music to the entire world.

We identify and develop future DJs through our DJ Academy. We produce, distribute, and promote very robust, and in demand mixtapes to delight and entertain fans around the world.

Our experience stretches back over a decade with a history rich with cultural influence that has created a shift in the event industry in developing countries.

As digital technology refashions the world, our unmatched commitment to lead in developing new services, platforms and music delivery models, and related content, consequently empowers innovators and allows new and artistic opportunities to flourish.

Knowing that music, a powerful force for good in the world, is unique in its ability to inspire people and bring them together, we work with our DJs, MCs, and partners to serve our communities and preserve the environment.

We are the primary source for music delivery for our fans, world wide.

Together, we are farhood media.

Social Responsibility

It’s the universal language. It inspires us, moves us, thrills us, heals us and ultimately unites us all. it’s our responsibility to nurture music, and to foster artistry and self-expression. In a world that desperately needs to find more common ground, there is no better way to provide it, than through music.

Using the collective power of our passionate community of music lovers – ranging from partners to DJs ,Artistes and MCs to the fans – we seek to support and partner with organizations around the globe that are working towards meaningful positive change and social responssibility.

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