Bryan White Begs For Balaam’s Forgiveness Shortly after Dumping ‘Sick’ Stunt

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Socialite Bad Black blew his cover after she informed media that he was pretending to be sick.

She revealed that Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White was trying to avoid facing the parliamentary committee which had summoned him over rape allegations.

Bryan White Begs For Balaam's Forgiveness Shortly after Dumping 'Sick' Stunt  - HowweBiz.UG

Immediately, he went into hiding after Bad Black’s revelations and he has since been living like a pauper.

In the process, he accused Balaam Barugahara whom he described as mafia of trying to poison him.

But after battling brokenness for months, he decided to run back to Balaam for help. He asked for his mercy and soon they will address media.

“Balaam always plays the right cards. He is now at peace with Bryan White and soon the two will address the press on the matter,” a source claimed.

Brian white came on the social scene in 2017. He splashed money to everyone as if he had keys to the treasury.

He soon run broke and most of his property was taken by court bailiffs.

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