Buying or Selling of Land in Any Part Of Uganda Now Made Easy

Niwandinda Daniel
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A new and most organized real estate agency company is now in Uganda that can facilitate buying or selling of land and houses from any part of the country. Prime Plots under Prime Sponsor Company was created in May 2020 with a clear vision of providing high quality and personalized services to individuals, private sector companies, and government clients in Uganda.

If you are a potential buyer and looking for land, house or apartment, or need help in transferring your land title to your names or company names, then you should visit these guys. A property management company that seems to have the best and trusted real estate agent.

The mission of Prime Sponsor is simple. “To believe in loving your neighbor is to help them succeed”. To fulfill this mission, they perform every due diligence to ensure ownership and protect you the interested buyer or seller and above all, they strive to have a long relationship of friendship with all their clients.

For all those with property to sale, they use applications that will permit satellite view of the entire area, tracking coordinates with GPS that can send a client direct to the site location without being accompanied, they are the first to have such ease operation.


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