Don’t Vote For Dj Jacob Omutuzze, He’s Not A Muganda – Kasuku Advises Voters of Bunamwaya

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Gossip  monger Kasuku is at loggerheads with workmate Jacob Omutuzze over tribal discrimination.
Don't Vote For Dj Jacob Omutuzze, He's Not A Muganda - Kasuku Advises Voters of Bunamwaya
Kasuku and veteran radio host, Eddy Sendi believe that all political offices in central Uganda belong to Baganda. They upon the people of Buganda not to vote for non Baganda into political positions in central region.

They claim Jacob Omutuzze who hails from western Uganda has no moral authority and cultural blessings to stand for any political office in Buganda.

They asked the voters of Bunamwaya to choose Dj Jacob’s opponent who is a muganda.

Their statements didn’t go well with Jacob who vowed to fight them pakalast.

“Kasuku can’t even win as a class monitor. Decampaigning me won’t work. Sendi and Kasuku are self centered fellas who can’t do anything for locals, they are enemies of progress, “he said in an interview on a local television.

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