Eddy Kenzo’s likely roles as Uganda’s Tourism Brand Ambassador

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2015 BET Award winner, Eddy Kenzo was named the new brand ambassador for Uganda Tourism earlier this month.Ife By ED iZycs ft Eddy Kenzo - WikiZiki.Com

This has resurfaced debate on his duties as the Tourism ambassador as it has also been for the recent personalities tasked under the same umbrella.

For so long now, questions have often heat-up regarding this seat with majority of the public yearning to establish particular roles performed by those names chose to represent.

Well, here we have run a brief version of what one ought to anticipate under Kenzo’s term as the Uganda Tourism ambassador.

Who is an ambassador?

An ambassador is an individual who enhances the marketing and sales of a firm/company brand value via the representation of the brand to specific customers in a good reputation.

Key Roles of a Tourism ambassador;

  1. Know the country’s Tourism – To sell something, you have to know it and know it well. The primary role of any ambassador is to market the product or service in the best way they can using their popularity, influence, and expertise.
  2. Make the noise – This is not the kind of noise that drives people insane or creates inconvenience for others, instead its good noise. Creating buzz and painting a good image about the country everywhere is good noise. Our ambassadors have a key role in spreading the good word of Ghana’s beauty, style, culture, and tradition.
  3. Travel wide – Being an ambassador doesn’t really mean selling the country from your home. You need to travel! Go out there, meet people and share the news. It is by making people know how much you love and believe in their own culture and tradition that makes them want to experience yours.
  4. Highlight challenges and advice policymakers – Because the ambassador travels around a lot both domestically and internationally, it is quite easy for them to identify challenges and highlight the problems we face as an industry to the policymakers and authorities.
  5. Bring foreign business – When we sell, we are aiming for people to buy! In the event where people don’t buy, then we may not be doing something right. As ambassadors, after all is said and done, there is only one way to measure efficiency and productivity.

The ‘Semyekozo’ singer together with his camp are committed to landing their obligations and objectives in Uganda’s Tourism industry within the rightfully stipulated time as contracted.

We will keep you posted

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