Egypt prepares to reopen schools under new anti-pandemic guidelines

Niwandinda Daniel
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Schools in Egypt will reopen on October 17 as the government and schools are planning rigorous measures to ensure the health of the students and staff, the Egyptian government recently announced.
Upon reopening, the use of personal preventive equipment will be mandatory. Teachers will also be required to instruct students to wash their hands regularly.
The maximum number of students in each class is likely to be lowered to somewhere around 20, while the number of school days might also be cut to prevent campus clusters.
“The government is doing great in efforts to protect students from COVID-19 because kids in younger ages do not have internet access, and they will attend school the most. Sports will be practiced at least once a week for all grades to boost immunity. High school grading is now much more flexible,” said Iman Abbas, a journalist.
The starting date of the new semester is about a month later than usual, giving time for each public-school principal to sketch their own schedule.
Yet despite official efforts, many parents are still worried.
“Of course I’m very concerned. But I also believe we must face this crisis. We must make our children aware about personal hygiene. They must learn that there is a risk. For them to stay at home is no longer a proper solution,” said Sawsan Rashwan, parent of a student.
“The state must help with the face masks and the disinfectants. There is a lot of pressure on parents. All of our income has decreased because of the pandemic. We are barely making a living; we can’t afford additional cost. Life is very expensive,” said Gigi Haleem, another parent.
Meanwhile, the Egyptian Ministry of Education will be introducing digital education tools for higher grade levels.
All educational materials will be available on online platforms to be accessed from home or from schools’ computers. Videos of teachers explaining each lesson will also be available on YouTube.
Moreover, additional tutoring support will be available at school for those who need it, authorities said.
Egypt reported on Tuesday 187 new COVID-19 infections, bringing the national tally to 100,228. Meanwhile, 19 deaths were reported, raising the death toll to 5,560.

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