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A covid 19 quarantine centre has been opened in Kampala to accommodate returnees who have been repatriated from other countries. It has been given free of charge by the Indian community to complement government efforts.
While opening the facility the undersecretary ministry of health Geoffrey Sseremba said this is going to help reduce on costs that government spends on quarantine.

The Indian Community Patidar Samaj has constructed a Covid 19 centre at Buganda Road to accommodate 1300 people after realizing that there is going to be challenge of accommodation especially in this period of countries repatriating Ugandans.
This is the biggest achievements for this community and a way of giving back Uganda for the bi- lateral relations between the two countries.
The facility has been constructed at 50 million Ugandan shillings and the ministry of health is providing food and medical services.

The demand for quarantine centres is going to be big when government opens the international travel. Other communities and Associations need to emulate this. Multi sectorial engagement is one of the pillars of the Covid 19 response.

This is very important in the covid 19 response to have a place to keep contacts after surveillance to separate them and ensure safety for rest of the community.
It will also help to reduce costs. Government though encourages home quarantine say institutional is far better in terms of monitoring.

Government is using schools to quarantine people during the lock down but if they are opened the challenge for quarantine is going to be bigger. Hotels are also very expensive.
This is one of the oldest Indian communities with 85 years and 1200 membership.

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