How Sarah Kanyike Failed KCCA Job Vetting, Ended up Minister

Niwandinda Daniel
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In June, President Museveni nominated Kampala Deputy Lord Mayor Sarah Kanyike as the Director for Gender, Community Service and Production as part of the changes at Kampala Capital City Authority.

The changes also saw Museveni appoint Dorothy Kisaka as the KCCA Executive Director, a position that had fallen vacant in 2018 after the resignation of Jennifer Musisi.

Kitaka was then appointed as the acting Executive Director.

Also seconded for appointment were; Eng.David Luyimbazi Ssali as the Deputy Executive Director to replace Samuel Sserunkuuma who has also been serving in acting capacity whereas Museveni wanted Dr.Okello Ayen Daniel as the new director in charge of Public Health and Environment.

The president also seconded Grace Akullo(not the police officer) as the Director of Human Resource and Administration at KCCA.

“We have used integrity hunting to identify the persons mentioned above. With regard to all the other vacant positions, they should be filled by advertising, utilizing your system. You should do the interviewing for City Council Authority,” Museveni said in the letter.

Following Museveni’s nomination, the members were vetted and their credentials presented for appointment to the Public Service Commission (PSC), but only three of the four names managed to return approved.

Kanyike rejected

On July 17, 2020, the Minister for Public Service, Wilson Muruli Mukasa wrote to the Public Service Commission chairperson regarding appointments, but one name was missing- Sarah Kanyike.

In simple terms, Kanyike had not met the requirements for the position to which Museveni had seconded her.

Kanyike, a degree holder in the field of education required an extra academic achievement to qualify for a director role at KCCA.

Initially, the former Deputy Lord Mayor had said she had one and this was the basis of her appointment but when she was asked to present the same, she couldn’t

Consequently, Kanyike could not go past the vetting level, prompting officials from public service to write to Museveni detailing to him, how one of the candidates he had seconded (Kanyike) did not make it.

Kanyike caused headache to the appointing authority on how to proceed with her since she had already resigned her position as Deputy Lord Mayor and a new person, Doreen Nynajura had already been appointed by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

The pressure was also on Kanyike because despite requests by Lukwago for her to reject Museveni’s appointment as a KCCA director, she had not heeded to the calls.

It would look awkward for a former deputy Lord Mayor to return to the KCCA council as a mere councilor for Makindye.

“There was a problem, what do we do with Kanyike now? She was going to become a laughing stock,” a highly placed source in government told Nile Post.

“The letters were taken back to the president for review. He would later meet a female government official who recommended that Kanyike could take on a political appointment where her level of education is acceptable,” the source adds.

Back to Public Service

President Museveni wrote back to Public Service Minister Muruli and authorized the commission proceed without Kanyike.

On the letter he signed off their salaries and letters.

On July 21, 2020, the Public Service Commission Chairperson Justice Ralph Ochan wrote back to the minister confirming receipt of instruments for the trio, with Kanyike excluded.

“I am pleased to inform you that I have, this morning received an instrument of appointment signed by His Excellency the President,” Ochan indicated in the letter naming Kisaka, Luyimbazi and Grace Akullo only.

Political appointment

With Kanyike out of the KCCA race, Museveni agreed to appoint her in a consolation political post, but none was readily available except the Minister for elderly and people with disabilities.

The Position had gone vacant in 2016 after Museveni sacked Suleiman Madada and replaced him with Adrian Tibaleka.

However, Tibaleka turned down the appointment and Museveni never got back to it for any other appointment.

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