It Is Okay For A Man To Say No To Sex

Niwandinda Daniel
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Has your man ever said no to sex? Has he ever told you not tonight? Not now, darling. Has he ever rejected that leg so bad that you felt you are not all that anymore?

There are days as a woman that you really want to get laid. Days when all you think about is having something inside of you.

Days before that monthly visitor and days after, a woman wants to have some so bad that as a man, if she is not all over you, you have a right to suspect that she is getting it from somewhere else.

Men need to know that when a woman wants some, it is better for her to get some. Some of those female bosses are mean not because you are not doing your job but because they have not gotten some in a minute.

And this is not to say that your woman is not keeping safe while you are away. All I am saying is if your woman has managed to stay away from a stick, she treasures what you bring to the table.

On days like these when, as a woman, you want some so bad, your man might not want and will say no to your choochkie. There are days when he simply wants to lay next to you and not necessarily get inside of you.

Just like there days you will find all kinds of excuses to tell him that you are not in the mood, there are days he doesn’t want a thing.

It does not mean that he has stopped loving you or that he is getting some elsewhere. You don’t have to stay awake at night to check his phone simply because he said not tonight.

Don’t start overthinking things. Don’t turn into an FBI Agent because he said that he doesn’t feel like it.

And by the way, he could even be hard, but he knows he won’t keep it hard for you to be happy. This is when he will just decide to give you some another day.

Try and understand that just like you on days when you have had a long day at the office and feel your body can’t take a session, tables could turn, and he will want to take a night off.

It is okay for a man to want to take a night off. It is okay for a man to say, “Not tonight, honey.” Train your mind not to start running around. Understand and try another day.

Till next time, go get you some.


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