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Kira Municipality a resident area, a tourism hub, hosting the famous Namugongo shrine and also hosting one of the biggest slum in Kampala.
UBCTV highlights the highs and lows of Kira as a municipality.

10 years ago, Kiira municipality was a village, few thought of residing there but now However, the story has changed, Kira has become one of the fastest-growing urbanized suburbs in the country.
Endowed with Martyr’s Shrine and Mandela National Stadium, Kira visibly cuts an urban and semi urban setting.
With this, the area has attracted a variety of new businesses comprising; day care centers, supermarkets, pubs, washing bays and night parking yards name it.
Kira is divided into six administrative parishes including Bweyogerere, Kimwanyi, Kira, Kireka, Kirinnya, and Kyaliwajjala.
Development in Kira is differentiated by location; the middle southern parts such as Kira, Kyaliwajjala, Kireka and Bweyogerere are showing signs of fast growth earlier than Kirinya and Kimwanyi.
fast growing means increased population resulting into slums in parts of Kasokoso with poor drainage system.

In terms of infrastructure out of 292 km only 50km are tarmacked and only 19.5kms have been upgraded to tarmac. The unpaved roads are impassable immotorable during the rainy season given the fact that the Municipality is surrounded by swamps in all corners.
Former Mayor, Mamerito Mugerwa says, more developments would be visible in Kiira but the current administration has mismanaged funds.

It is a political season with many promising to uplift Kira to a better level. The current Political players including Kiira member of parliament Ssemujju Nganda battles with Independent candidates who promise a better Kiira if voted into office.

However with the change of guard after 2021 elections, leaders will have to refocus energies in developing influstructure, health centers, planning of slums that are mashrooming in parts of kireka and Bweyogerere, sewerage and dumping sites , the education sector of the area among other factors.

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