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leadership of kisoro market is concerned over likely spread of coronavirus following growing numbers of vendors in the market.

The Mayor of Mupaka market at the Uganda-DRC boarder, Emmanuel Ndekezi, says the growing numbers have compromised observance of the health guidelines put in place by Government to curb the escalation of COVID-19

Although social distancing remains one of the measures to curb the spread of covid-19 Pandemic, a number of people have since continued to flout the guidelines.

Mupaka Kamara Market in Mupaka Town council is located at the Boarder district of Uganda and DRC. It’s one of the busiest markets in the district, serving people at the common border.

With many vendors making a return to the markets following their closure in March, Mupaka kamara market is currently facing a challenge of an influx of vendors seeking space.

With zero observance of the health guidelines, both vendors and customers are operating normally without Wearing face Masks, nor Washing Hands, or observing social distancing.

The Mayor of Mupaka Town Council, Emanuel Ndekezi, says they have deployed a team of security personnel to try to bring order to the market, and also monitor risky boarder entries from the DRC.

Mr. Ndekezi, however, notes with concern the mask distribution exercise that left out a number of target groups like vendors, saying this has affected cross-border trade in the area.

The other issue highlighted here is alleged brutality by security personnel against traders.

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