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Land availability is one of the factors that determine the progress of commercial farming in Uganda.
Lukaya Rice Farm, a subsidiary of Zhong Industries, has beaten all odds to prove this point by acquiring more land at Lwera in Kalungu District.
Zhong Shuang Qua, the proprietor of this venture, is optimistic the scheme will promote food security and rice export on large scale in the near future.
When one talks about commercial farming, they mean something similar to what is practiced at Lukaya Rice Farm in Kalungu district.
It is a place where almost all practical stages of rice production are carried out at the same time.
It starts with land preparation process before the scientific mode of draining water into the land.
Quite an interesting process that takes passion, determination and patience to have fruits yielded from the effort.
The nursery seed bed requires maximum care and attention for meaningful yields.

By the time of harvesting, all is prepared for post-harvest handling and processing.
To avoid challenges that come with poor handling, it is made possible through employment of modern technology from the initial to the last stage.

It is a venture that has fed many, employed hundreds and relieved thousands of the hustle of seeking improved livelihood.
One of them is middle-aged Suleiman Lule who has not only earned, but also learnt a lot from here.

The initiative is a brain child of Zhong Shuang qua who has lived in Uganda since the late 1990s.

The increased demand for both local and foreign consumption of rice has created the need to have the product exported.
This is why the farm is being expanded within the neighborhood.

Just like at the old farm, here as well, modern technology is being employed to meet this objective.
This whole venture results from an inspiration that drove Chinese turned Ugandan entrepreneur, Zong Shuang Qua, to invest in rice.
He has since been joined by Ugandans and some other fellow Chinese.

To the proprietors, providing employment to people in form of labor is something they don’t take for granted.
One of the main motives is to complement Ugandan government efforts in reducing unemployment.

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