Matembe: “There is no democracy in FDC that’s why members are leaving”

Niwandinda Daniel
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Rights activist and former minister for Ethics and Integrity, Miria Matembe,has attributed the exodus of some prominent members in Forum for Democratic Change to lack of democracy.

Appearing on NBS frontline on Thursday night, Matembe claimed that all the founding members of FDC have refused to leave the space for other people to take over the leadership of the party.

“Many of the founding members refused to leave because of undemocratic habits and tendencies and that’s why up-to now many people are asking who is the presidential flag bearer of FDC, “she said.

This week NRM announced President Museveni as sole candidate.

Matembe said what happened to NRM will also happen to all other parties including FDC.

She explained that the whole issue of self-centeredness is making productive people leave one party to another.

“When young people came up, everybody became enthusiastic. We are hoping and watching where it ends but a party which can never change leaders from top and remains with one leader is big challenge,”she said.

Salaamu Musumba a frontliner claimed Matembe was part of the party and she left. Therefore she should stop blaming them but Matembe declined for having been part of FDC.

“Uganda is going astray and it is painful to see.The opposition should get together if they were all to come together to form one formidable opposition. I’m not ashamed to say I love Muntu’s way, he says they should build a strong party from grassroots,”she said.

Commenting on the changes at in the Electoral commission where eight senior officials were sacked on orders of President Museveni early this week , Matembe said there is something deeper in the commission than meets the eye.

“Let me tell you as far as President Museveni government is concerned, it doesn’t matter whether you are corrupt as long as you are serving his interests,”she said.

She said it appears to that some of these powerful people have pushed their hand into Museveni’s dish.

She also claimed that an IT expert from the State House was sent to the commission to set up a new technology system that will be used in the next election.

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