Micah Stampley, Pr.Kayiwa and Hon. Mao grace Prophet Elvis gala as sabotage is cited in intermittent online broadcast

Niwandinda Daniel
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Prophet Elvis Mbonye held his annual gala n the 1st of September and had a mammoth virtual crowd. The honor night also hosted Internationally acclaimed Gospel artiste Micah Stampley who had a heartwarming message for the Prophet and also sang for him one of his favourite tunes HEVEAN ON EARTH.

Other notable messages came in from Pastor Simeone Kayiwa and Honorable Norbert Mao, who acknowledged that a prophetic assignment is seldom welcome in high places and like the prophets of old Prophet Elvis has been a target of persecution and opposition.

Therefore in the same breath with which we honor him we also evoke the protective words written in Jeremiah 1:9 by saying; “Attack you they will, overcome you they can’t.” Said Hon. Mao.

However, despite the impressive turn up online, inside sources have cited sabotage in the broadcast as the online gala had a few faultings. Inspite of all this glamour and global online audience that tipped the 14k mark, reliable sources reveal that there were concerted efforts by certain hands in high places, perhaps both locally and globally, that worked round the clock to ensure the event was not broadcast online.

The sources also reveal that the contracted internet providers on the day, Roke Telecom, have since been cagey and vague on what exactly happened on such a night that Remnants are known to leave no stone unturned.

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