Mpigi has rejected the bail application of the suspects on charges of land fraud

Niwandinda Daniel
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The magistrate grate one in Mpigi has rejected the bail application of the suspects on charges of land fraud which led to the encroachment on the president Museveni’s farm in Gomba district.
Magistrate Maureen Mukoye has watered the sureties presented to the court for lack of bail credentials and the court was adjourned till the 8th of August for mention.

In the special court session conducted using the zoom technology, the four suspects being charged with the offence of fraudulent procurement of certificates titles for the land comprised in Gomba district block 369 plots 5,6,7 and 8 belonging to the one president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in the 2014.

While appearing before the magistrate grade one in Mpigi using zoom technology based in Kitalya remand home, the accused applied to be released on bail through their lawyers.

The grounds presented to be based for their bail acceptance were watered by the court for lack of necessary credential by the sureties.

The file initially had three suspects but trough more investigations, the one Sitenda Nicodemus Magulu a physical at Mpigi district was added on the file for aiding in the process of changing the titles’ original name into the names of the charged.

The four are being investigated after the president’s outcry to the state house anti-corruption unit over the prevalence of strangers’ encroachment on his farm in Gomba district and have been remanded till the 8th of August for the next hearing.

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