Rapper Navio: Only fans are allowed to call musicians Legends

Niwandinda Daniel
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Music in Uganda has come a long way, and it has since been undergoing several changes.

And many artists in Ugandan music industry claim to be ‘Legends’ .

Most times, internet fame, popularity and access to numbers blurr the lines of success and excellence in their careers.

And often many music fans argue along these lines to determine who is a legend; the fanbase, the awards won, the duration of the career.

But attaining the legend status takes more than just talent. Yes, you must  lead other artists but talent alone on its own has never made anybody a legend. A legend must be influential, consistent and  inspirational. They hold a voice that shakes the world before and after them. They are real and authentic, real enough to become focal points and culture shapers.

So do artistes like Kenzo, Bebe Cool ,Jose Chameleone  and Gravity Omutujju deserve to be called legends?

Rapper Navio totally disagrees with them.

During an interview on Kansanga based Galaxy FM, Navio said only fans are allowed to call musicians legends because of what they have achieved.

The ‘Njogereza’ singer was responding to Gravity’s claims that he is a rap legend in Uganda.

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