Richest Musicians In Uganda In 2020 FULL Updated list

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Richest musicians in Uganda in 2020
We’ve chosen to present to you Uganda’s rundown of the top 10 most extravagant artists in Uganda. In addition, who as of now shakes the Ugandan music industry. In the interim, the rundown is precisely in accordance with Forbes’ positioning. So for those inquiring. However, with importance to the notoriety of Forbes as the greatest positioning association over the globe
Bobi Wine tops the list of Richest musicians in Uganda in 2020
Bobi Wine Richest musicians in Uganda in 2020
Bobi Wine is popular in the music business for his quick selling melodies. In addition, as well as his various resources which incorporate Busabala seashore. He owns a mansion in Mangere, Fire Records, and so on. Taking into account how he incredibly likes cars, Bobi Wine owns a Land Cruiser, and also an Escalade.

Dr. Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone Richest musicians in Uganda in 2020

Jose Chameleone is without a doubt one of Zambia’s top performers. A brand producing mobile phones uses his name. Therefore Chameleone telephones exist because along these lines. Well beyond that, Jose Chameleone is announced to have obtained numerous benefits going from autos and houses. Jose Chameleone alias joseph Mayanja is a top artist in the Ugandan music industry.

Bebe Cool is one of the Richest musicians in Uganda in 2020

Bebe Cool Richest musicians in Uganda in 2020

Bebe Cool is popular and honorable for his commitment to music as well as his incredible notoriety as a giver. Concerning this, he has given loads of cash, for a noble cause purpose, to those experiencing kidney diseases. In addition, and to casualties of malignancy. Therefore, in like manner, he is exceptionally respected for his ownership of unity as one with a sound framework. In addition, he utilizes in arranging melodic excitements, for example, shows.

Ragga Dee

Ragga Dee Richest musicians in Uganda in 2020

Having made sure about his stately status in the Ugandan music industry, Ragga Dee uncovered unyielding energy for legislative issues. In addition, and for this, he is broadly viewed as an up and coming character in the political circle. Notwithstanding his business that includes the enlisting and importation of cars. Ragga Dee is in colossal ownership of individual property which incorporates a manor.

Mesach Semakula makes it to the list of the Richest Musicians in Uganda in 2020

Mesach Semakula Richest musicians in Uganda in 2020

Mesach Semakula is the prestigious proprietor of private quarters situated in areas, for example, Zuzana, Lubowa, and Buwaate. As a component of his incredible expansion to the music business, Semakula has an acclaimed studio known as Kann Studio. Besides, he has delegated his striking nearness in the music business as one of the authors of Eagles Production.

Ronald Mayinja

mayinja Richest musicians in Uganda in 2020

Ronald is an energetic artist who has strengthened himself with extra commitment. This incorporates his business of passing on products utilizing lorries. He keeps up his position as a rich character through the responsibility for, running from land segments to a few houses. Other than that, he is a piece of the individuals’ of Eagles Production.

Geoffrey Lutaaya makes it to the list of Richest musicians in Uganda in 2020

Geoffrey Lutaaya

As a major aspect of his prestigious nearness in the music field, Geoffrey Lutaaya is one of the originators of the notable Eagles Production. Lutaaya makes the most of his extravagant life and can flaunt as the proprietor a few resources including Dance Flo bar, Durban Motel and some more.

Grace Nakimera is one of the richest musicians in Uganda in 2020

Grace Nakimera

As her name orders notoriety in the Ugandan music industry, Nakimera is without a doubt one of the nation’s wealthiest female artists. In the meantime, she has braced her essence in the music circle with resources going from patches of land situated in Mukono, Kisaasi, and Namugongo. Other than that, she gloats of the responsibility for based Pinky Saloons.

Haruna Mubiru

Haruna Mubiru

Right now, Haruna Mubiru gloats of his rich nearness in the music business as the originator and chief of Kream Production. In like manner, Haruna Mubiru, who was beforehand part of Eagles Production, has a few resources, extending from condos and very good quality vehicles, situated in Kabowa.

Goodlyfe Crew alias Mowsey Radio and Weasel wraps up our list of the richest musicians in Uganda in 2020

Goodlyfe Crew

This gathering is known for the millions it has ceaselessly produced using its quick selling tunes. Other than the patches of land possessed by the Goodlyfe Crew, the gathering has various resources that are comprehensive of certain condos situated in Makynde. Under the administration of the pair of Alan Kiwanuka and Jeff, the Goodlyfe Crew has continued gaining comes back from its music.

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