Rising for a United Africa: The African Sovereignties without Sovereignty?

Niwandinda Daniel
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Sovereign nations are sovereign not actually because of any definite territorial integrity, they are sovereign because they have inherent powers and capacity to solve their problems without looking for aides even though there may be alliances and diplomatic engagements for trade balance and investment.

Few days ago, I reproduced a short piece I wrote in November 2019 calling for a United States of Africa.

To few friends who took up the matter with me outside Facebook, that looks nice but too tall a dream and far unrealistic for various reasons including the love of power by most African Leaders.

I have disagreed and maintain(ed) that it is very easy to have Sovereign States of Africa (SSA), United Nations of Africa (UNA) or an Africa with one President/government/ one citizens as Dr. Kwame Nkrumah proposed then than to have a united Nigeria where citizens see themselves more as Nigerians than as Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Ibibio and so on.

It is circumstantial and for our survival than it is intentional with a discretion not to so unite and face our life and business and the world.

This year, Britain excited the European Union and henceforth, Britain will be independently minding her own business as a sovereign nation without the EU.

United States of America seems to follow suit in a different dimension. US is withholding funding the World Health Organization because Donald Trump, President of the United States of America is not satisfied with how WHO is handling the US health needs especially at this covid-19 pandemic.

Trump suspects WHO to be in conspiracy with China and top billionaires and front line donors to depopulate the world and Africa in particular.

In particular, Trump feels that WHO is in sync with China to cover critical information about Covid-19 that is currently ravaging the world.

Both Britain and Donald Trump are right in the actions they have taken. They are sovereign nations and nations that are Sovereign cannot be compelled to act against their wish on matters which they have a choice to do or not to do.

Sovereign nations are sovereign not actually because of any definite territorial integrity, they are sovereign because they have inherent powers and capacity to solve their problems without looking for aides even though there may be alliances and diplomatic engagements for trade balance and investment.

Trump is overtly shunning any partnership which is not to the advantage of the United State whose President he is. What I think? Trump is right! He was elected to protect Americans and their interests, first and foremost.

He has demonstrated convincingly that he values American interests than any other thing. He has demonstrated capacity and sovereignty which I doubt Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Uganda, Gambia, Kenya or any other African country can demonstrate. Africa has so many sovereignties which are weak territorial landlords without CAPACITY and SOVEREIGNTY in the real sense of the words.

They hardly can shun China’s aides and philanthropy even when such aides is suspected to be injurious and targeted against the populace.

I worry deep inside me that Nigeria does not develop her own vaccines except it is routed through “international donor agencies” through WHO and funded by donors supported by France, China, Russia, US… What if it is true that WHO has compromised and is hand in glove with China to carry out an agenda to depopulate Africa in particular?

What if it is true that there is a sinister motive in Bill Gate’s proposal for mandatory, forced, compulsory vaccination and a world population micro chipped to act a certain way? Whose advantage and whose deficits?

Africa and Nigeria in particular must chart her own course independently and as sovereign nations.

Yes, I am one of the proponents of Africa coming together as one indivisible nation, taking and coordinating activities for her people independent of the dictate of her former colonial masters. The world is becoming confederate and nations are coiling inward to the advantage of her own people. Britain and America are ready examples.

Soon, no aid will come to African countries because her children are refusing to act dump to “world powers” whose agenda is to keep Africa below minimum and to their advantage. I wish those aids stop coming because they are the apron strings bridging us back to our colonial masters and putting our Presidents still under their control discreetly.

We must stop complaining about Donald Trump not funding WHO and bla. Donald Trump owes us no obligation to fund WHO and WHO owes us no obligation to give us health. We are Nigerians, Ghanaians, Cameroonians, South Africans and Namibians.

We are sovereign nations. What that presupposes is that we can take care of ourselves and regulate what comes to us and what should not.

If we rely on WHO and WHO is taken over by China as suspected for a sinister plot, we will have no chance of asking questions as to the medicine/vaccines that our children are injected with.

If they pay us, feed us, supply our technologies, how will we query them when they want to inject substances into our system to control our emotions, intellect and fantasies? At the moment, only that billionaire and his cartel obsessed about micro chipping the universe knows what they are actually up to. They pay our government and wants to dictate the music they play.

Let Africans develop her vaccines. Let Africa develop her drugs. Let Africa talk about her problems and find solutions to her problems and not the other way round.

Let Africa develop her own media and her own media contents for her own people.

The world pretends to love Africa. Let Africa set her own agenda about development and be careful of the fact that those who exploited us, took our forebears in slavery and lurked around for our natural resources can never be interested in emancipation of Africa.

We were created to act rationally.

Let us not disappoint God our creator by not using our factory fitted brains to solve our problems.

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