The NRM has done its work, he tells leaders

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NRM Presidential flag bearer, Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni, has asked NRM legislators to support government priorities geared at creating wealth.
Museveni was on Thursday addressing NRM leaders in Arua on his 4th campaign meeting.

President Yoweri Museveni arrived at Muni University grounds at 3pm, and was welcomed by top leadership of NRM and leaders in west Nile.

The function started with NRM leaders from Yumbe, Arua, Maraca, Terego and Koboko assuring President Museveni of victory.

Koboko Municipality MP, Evelyn Anite, reported to the President the recent crowds seen in the city, which she says were attracted by a local musician.

The state minister for Internal Affairs, Obiga Kania, on behalf of other leaders in the region, asked the president to improve the road network and other social services in the region.

The NRM Presidential flag bearer, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, in his message of ideology, urged the people to avoid politics of identity in order to achieve development.

Museveni says the NRM ideology of inclusiveness has created peace in the country, hence attracting investment and creating thousands of jobs.

He cautioned the public to stop blaming the people of west Nile for the mistakes made by late president, Idi Amin, as an individual, but focus on the development.

Museveni said if NRM MPs supported the priorities of government, especially on wealth creation, Uganda would be a better country today.

He said government has earmarked 560 million shillings per constituency as emyoga funds to improve livelihood of Ugandans.
The meeting was attended by key NRM leaders and mobilisers in the region, who followed standard operating procedures to prevent risks associated with Covid-19.
On Friday, the President is expected in Nebbi for his 5th campaign meeting.

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