Top 10 Tips for Radio & Podcasters

Niwandinda Daniel
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Want to become a better radio or podcast host? Well, build your presenting prowess with these 10 top tips! It doesn’t matter if you are a radio host, podcaster, tv or video presenter. These 10 tips are key to becoming a great presenter that listeners will want to engage with and come back to time and time again.

00:00 – Introduction

01:31 – Know Your Audience

02:02 – Talk Directly To Your Listeners

02:53 – Be Yourself On Air

03:44 – Give it 110%

04:18 – Take Ownership

05:12 – Come Prepared

06:43 – Get Good At Cross Promotion

08:11 – Give Your Community A Voice

09:00 – Never Be Boring!

09:46 – Be A Good Active Listener

11:15 – Summary



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