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Bad Black

Bad Black

A socialite is defined as a socially prominent person, that personality you are bound to run into at every party, every function and every top notch event. We at take you through time and release the top 50 Ugandan Socialites of all time.

1. Bad Black

Her claim to fame was her money. She spent it like there was no tomorrow. If money had a language then to many, Shanita Namuyimbwa spoke money’s language. She has been rated as Uganda’s top socialite of all time for her ability to put all the Media houses on tenterhooks and for her unrivaled patronage of night events plus the famous moment when she paid Nigeria’s Mr Flavor ‘Ashawo‘ to offer her a private dance. Another time, she passed through town splashing currency notes all over. She is rated Number One.

2. Sylvia Owori

Remember her for her achievements as far as Miss Uganda beauty competitions were concerned. Sylvia Owori comes next to Bad Black for her ability to keep in the news for over a decade for various issues.

3. Rasta Rob

sylvia owori

Sylvia Owori

He brought a whole new face to Ugandan radio Stations. He broke out with his Morning show plus a song of ‘Kiri Kiri My Bell’. He was the gate pass to any party in the 1990s. He was the leading event organizer and every girl wished they could spend just a minute with this CBS presenter. He once dee-jayed at Angenoir and Soul Mobile Disco.

4. Elizabeth Bagaya

In Cambridge, the princess was known for throwing some of the most famous bashes. Not even her tight schedule as minister in the Idi Amin government could keep her away from making news.

5. James Kazini (RIP)

A very good friend to the Late Ogen Kevin Aliro, the two were known ardent fans of Afrigo band and patrons of Kampala Casino. He at one time bought a whole set of music equipment so that he could manage to party pakalast. He is the only army general that was common in the public during his tenure.

6. James Mulwana

According to F.D.R Gureme, Mulwana who spent time as a bouncer at White Nile in Katwe-Kibuye and was known for rocking Top Life Club in his acclaimed Tuxedos. He was a great dancer and a pure socialite of the 1960s.

7. Dj Ronnie

The great love doctor who rocked the world with his late night show on Capital FM had the bottle as his best friend. Even to his deathbed, he had spent the night partying. He scoops the seventh position without doubt.

8. Zari

While Bad Black threw black parties, Zari was busy throwing white parties. She is remembered for her rant with Judith Heard during the ‘Valu Valu’ concert as to who had more money. She is number eight among the top socialites.

Hassan Zari


9. Allan ‘Canterkerous’ Mugisha

He would rather kick the bucket than kick the bottle. Even his girlfriend Maggie agrees that Allan was a party animal like no other among radio presenters.

10. Victoria Nabunya

She was the first Miss Uganda just after Sylvia Owori took over the franchise in 2001. Newspaper gossip columns could never go for a week without a story about Nabunya. At one time she used to take over the top page headlines all in commemoration for her party instincts.

For purposes of being brief, we have simply listed the other party animals from 11-50.
11.Alex Ndawula-A DJ

12.Emperor Orlanda famous for the Nakonkona Hit

13.Christopher Kato-The father of Ballroom Dancing

14.Philly Lutaaya

15.Seya Ssebagala now a presidential adviser

16. Priscilla Ray one of Uganda`s top models

17. Eva Mbabazi, the clean shaven head model

18. Red Banton

19. Idi Amin Dada

20. DJ Berry, a deejay in the 80’s

21.Samuel Mugwisa`Minister for Agriculture in Obote government

22. Elvis Sekyanzi

23. Straka Baibe

24. Charles Oimunke

25. Rehma Nakuya, former Miss Uganda

26. Hope Mukasa, famous singer in Obote II regime

27. RabaDaba, formerly a musician

28. Miria Kalule Obote

29. Allan Kanyike

30. Geofrey Kirumira

31. Sudhir Ruparelia

32. Aisha Salma Nassanga

33. J.K Kazoora

34. Shena Mukasa

35. Jimmy Akena—Milton Obote`s son

36. Fred Masagazi

37.  Herman Basudde

38. Prince Job Paulo Kafeero

39. Lillian Acom, former Miss Uganda

40. Shamim Byenkya

41. Tereza Mbire

42. Mike Mukula

43. Paul Muwanga

44. Menton Summer and Menton Krono

45. Sue Ochola

46. Nick Wavamunno

47.William Pike

48. Sarah Amin, wife to Idi Amin Dada

49. Ken Lukyamuzi

50. Harry Sagara

Note: The following ratings were arrived at through a much electronized comprehensive system developed by where the internet news were filtered and the top 50 names in the gossip and entertainment columns were noted. The team also went through Newspapers  and Uganda Public Library and all gossip sections of Newspapers were reviewed. We thus believe these 50 personalities deserve applause though some may not be with us physically.

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