Uganda Cancer Institute On Final Stage

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Uganda Cancer Institute is in the final stages to complete centre of excellence that have fully flagged paediatric and adolescent cancer treatment service to improve the survivorship of children in the country.
According to world Health Organization Cancer is a leading cause of death for children and adolescents around the world and approximately 300,000 children aged 0 to 19 years old are diagnosed with cancer each year.

In the move to improve the survivorship of children with cancer in the country, Uganda Cancer Institute the custodian of all things cancer in country is in final stages complete fully flagged paediatric and adolescent centre.
Currently the institute has paediatric clinic that admits children from 0years to 18 years of all types of cancers in the country with bed capacity of 40.
Kemigisha Miski Nursing officer at UCI Paediatric department the most common cancer at the UCI are Bulkeit lymphoma survival rate of 55%, acute leukemia has survival rate of 47% among other
Cancer begins when healthy cells change and grow out of control. In most types of cancer, these cells form a mass called a tumor and these are some of the signs and symptoms ….

The head of department childhood cancer Dr Balagadde says that there is a lot of research going on to discover new treatments for childhood cancer and research is to greatly improve the overall survival rate for children with cancer

UCI is expanding to have fully flagged paediatric and adolescent department to tackle childhood cancer as Dr Balagadde explains

The paediatric department has play room unit where these children go and spend some time off their beds and treatment to socialise and play. The room takes in 10 children per go, stocked with various toys, books for shading and story books and one trained therapist/teacher
Mariam Ndagire manages the play room says the children feel safe inside the room as they get to meet other kids battling the disease….

Ndagire says the nature of cancer treatment gets atoll into the children and sometimes affects them physiologically

Different paediatric oncologists re-echoed that childhood cancer is curable and its not death sentence
To mark the end of childhood cancer month UCI organised party to entertain the children where they cake cutting with numerous games….
The Global initiative for childhood cancer in health care systems pledged to improve the paediatric cancer survival in 2030 by 60% aimed at saving 1million lives.
Constrained countries like Uganda the survival rate of childhood cancer is at 20% -30%.


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