Young Innovators Develop ICT support systems to solve Diverse Challenges in Community

Niwandinda Daniel
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The Makerere University School of Public Health-Resilient Africa Network (RAN) Innovation lab with financial support from Ministry of ICT and National Guidance has today exhibited 14 homegrown ICT support innovations by young people.

The 2020 ICT innovation Katale virtual event took place today during a live Facebook session.

The young people highlighted the challenges brought about by Covid19 as an opportunity to remain creative and proposing solutions to address the some of the challenges affecting the members of the public.

They said the outbreak of the pandemic crippled some of the key sectors such as education system, among others but with some of these innovations,solutions can be put in place.

This program was incubated and mentored while the country was under partial lockdown due to the novel coronavirus.

Some of the applications there were developed and showcased to address some of these major problems in the country include,

Blind Assistant Application is a mobile App that uses Artificial intelligence and Machine learning to assist the blind and visually impaired in reading text as they go about their life.

Farm-Lite is a farm management system software tool built to facilitate record keeping on commercial farm entities.

The famous lab is a mobile App that uses Artificial intelligence and Machine learning to assist the blind and visually impaired in reading text as they go about their life.

The RAN Lab has also innovating the AgricMo Mobile app and USSD platform which will be supported by biometric and drones. It is being designed to support the tracking of funds allocated to government beneficiaries under the Operation Wealth Creation program.

With education in uncertainty RAN has developed the MyLib which is an interactive digital curriculum tailor made to suit the Ugandan curriculum for primary pupils for the subjects of Science and Mathematics,

SignTapp platform is an application that enable deaf persons to access social services and other opportunities while also creating opportunities for Sign Language Interpreters to be able to vend their services and get economically empowered.

Jaguza is an online and offline, cloud-based livestock management system that incorporates the use of sensors, drones, livestock collars and GPS trackers to gather real-time information about location, speed, body temperature and stress levels of livestock.

The Sign Language Dictionary and Translator is an application designed to enhance communication and learning of the impaired deaf and dumb individuals in our society.

Akatale Fresh is the application that offers customers a ‘green carpet’ online shopping experience for the delivery of the best quality fresh groceries to their doorstep Grocery orders can be placed either via the mobile application, which is available on the Google Play Store or through their website.

UniCare innovation is an application innovated with the aiming of providing e-counseling services and information through voice and instant messaging

Thee were some the application exhibited among others.

Luke Kyohere, the founder of beyonic who was the key speaker at the event said entrepreneurs should focus on the reduction of risk.

“Everything about startup is based on risk. Entrepreneurs are in the risk production business, focus on reducing risk today, focus on adding the value,you will keep on growing and people will trust you,”he said.

Kyohere also said that innovators should think about product market fit at the inception of their innovation.

The RAN ICT Katale,the peoples choice award winners went to Blind Assistant which will walk away with Uganda Shillings 500,000.

This is additional funding to this innovation as each resource adds value to the process of innovation development and later scaling.

RAN ICT Katale Peoples Choice Award attracted 449 votes in total and Blind Assistant attracted 282 votes.

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