“Your house is in shambles”- Mukula to FDC on defections

Niwandinda Daniel
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The NRM Vice-chairperson for Eastern region, Capt. Mike Mukula has responded to accusations by Forum for Democratic Change that he is staging defections from the biggest opposition party to the NRM.
On Sunday, Mukula unveiled over 400 FDC members from party president Patrick Amuriat’s home town to the ruling party.
However, in response, the biggest opposition party officials said Mukula is giving T-shirts and new- FDC cards to the people whom then act as defectors to the ruling party.

“Every day he is parading people who are holding brand new FDC cards and some in new t-shirts yet we have not printed any new t-shirt of recent. We have learnt that he prints FDC party cards at Nkrumah road and the T-shirts in Industrial area,” FDC spokesperson, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda told a news conference on Monday.
“He has turned the defections into a lucrative business by moving known NRM vigilantes from Soroti to Kumi and parades them as FDC defectors.”
However, speaking on Monday afternoon to NRM leaders in Kapchorwa and Bukwo, Mukula
“They were saying that I am creating people who are crossing over. When they are chasing their people, we are receiving them. What they(FDC) are saying is absolute nonsense and rubbish. Let them prove that we are giving these people new t-shirts and FDC cards,”Mukula said.
Mukula said that on Tuesday he would unveil former FDC flag bearer for Pallisa district Catherine Achola as she crosses to the ruling party and insisted more defections are soon coming.
“I got the Wakiso FDC woman MP flag bearer Pauline Namagembe, Yusuf Mutembuli and many others who have crossed over to NRM. This is yet another testimony that NRM is growing from strength to strength. These people are following the correct NRM line. Their house is in disarray. Let them clean it,”Mukula noted.
At the function, Sebei region endorsed President Museveni as the sole candidate for ruling for presidency for the ruling NRM party in the forthcoming elections but also Capt.Mike Mukula for the post of the NRM Vice-chairperson for Eastern region.
The sole candidature motion was presented by Chericha Kwekos the NRM chairperson for Bukwo district and it was seconded by Emma Cherukut Rose an aspiring woman MP for Kweni district at a function held in Kapchorwa.
Mukula asked the NRM leaders to engage in large scale farming but also form saccos where they can save but also borrow at lower interest rates.
He asked them to organize themselves in groups so that they can mobilize funds and add value to the irish potatoes grown on a large scale in the region.

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